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We at Arogya Nidhi, Ayurvedic clinic in Delhi located in Rohini, Dr. Munesh Sharma are providing best ayurvedic treatment and for your skin and understand that everyone’s skin is unique. By understanding your skin type, we can help you create your very own skincare regime to improve your skin’s health. Arogya Nidhi is an renowned ayurvedic clinic providing authentic ayurvedic treatments and therapies for all acute & chronic diseases since 2007. We have served more than 5101 patents from all over the country at affordable fees. We also book online appointments. There are numerous skin and hair diseases, complaints and general ailments that can be contacted, with conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Utrauna probably the most common. Dr. Munesh Sharma has studied and experienced extensively all the principles of Ayurvedic , involving a healthy life-style, diet regimes, body-cleansing through panch-karma procedures, and treatment with herbal and herbo-mineral compounds. His current style of clinical practice is a culmination of his experience with all these different treatment modalities.

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